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10 April 2004
JOURNAL: Sunday 10 April  

Sun Rise 5/25 am. Sunset 6/38 pm. Moonrise 0.03 pm.

Today the whole day I remained at Paul's loft and did not go out. I paid Paul one dollar for expenses.

Today I am working on Cohen's big Royal Typewriter and it is very good for hard working. Paul is impressed with my mission in America.

No income -- Expenditure $1.00

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9 April 2004
JOURNAL: Saturday 9 April  

Sun Rise 5/27 am. Sunset 6/37 pm.

Today I went to Dr. Mishra's apartment. He did leave the key with doorman so I had some difficulty to enter the room. The doorman opened the door by his keys and by entering the room I saw that Dr. got my note. Anyway I cooked some khichuri and took it because there was no flour. After a little rest, I took my typewriters and came down to my room at 72nd St. From there I came to Paul's loft. In the evening Susman met me. He brought some grains.

Expenditure -- Subway fare .30
Paul paid -- $2.00
Total Exp $2.30

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8 April 2004
JOURNAL: Friday 8 April  

Sun Rise 5/29 am. Sunset 6/336 pm. Moonrise 11 am.

Today the whole day and night also I stayed at Mr. Paul's loft. Saw Elsy to enquire about the Library of Congress card. No very encouraging.

Evening there was meeting. Seven boys & girls attended. Contribution $5.00 and some fruits also.

Expenditure-- Busfare .30

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7 April 2004
JOURNAL: Thursday 7 April  

Sun Rise 5/30 am. Sunset 6/34 pm. Moonrise 9/37 pm.

Today I am staying with Paul. I cooked food and dined with Paul and Sakar. They liked the foodstuff very nice. Circumstances seem to be favourable. Paul promises to organise. He is enthusiastic. Let us see. He attended the morning class punctually.

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6 April 2004
JOURNAL: Wednesday 6 April  

Sun Rise 5/32 am. Sunset 6/33 pm. Moonrise 8/19 pm.

Today I took meals at Dr. Mishra's place. He is not happy that I am gradually shifting to Paul's place.

Today received one letter from Library of Congress Wadington. It is good news. The Library of Congress Card No _________

Paul purchased for me one packet of carbon paper 100 sheets $2.50

There was no collection

Expenditure .15

At evening there was meeting Greene absent. Still there were seven boys and girls. All attended the meeting carefully Some of them brought Rice, Atta, and fruits.

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5 April 2004
JOURNAL: Tuesday 5 April  

Sun Rise 5/34 am. Sunset 6/34 pm. Moonrise 7/01

The whole day I was at Paul's place. He is a nice boy. I prepared Paratha he was pleased to have it. He is anxious to follow the principles of Vaishnavism. I shall help him to my best. In the evening we held kirtan together. He is hopeful.

No income and No expenditure

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4 April 2004
JOURNAL: Monday 4 April  

Sun Rise 5/36 am. Sunset 6/31 pm. Moon Set 5/46 am.

Today I went to see Mr. Bogart. His publisher Mr. Laughton interested in publishing Srimad Bhagwatam. Mr. Bogart offered me a typewriter and Tape Recorder. I took them. Typewriter nice. Tape Recorder defective.

Today I have replied the letter of State Department regarding visit to the President.

Then I came to Paul's place.

There was meeting and Kirtan, Hari Katha.

No income. Expenditure .30

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